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UWCMT 2023

International Qualifier Tournament + inter-school Finals Round


The Qualifier will take place during a one hour period chosen by the participating school from 00:00 January 15th (sgt) to 23:59 January 21st (sgt). Flexibility in time is given as schools might find it difficult to arrange the Qualifier on a specific day.

The Qualifier round is a math tournament round that any student can take part in and is suitable for students of different skill levels. Compared to other math competitions/tournament, we aim to have plenty of questions suitable to the average questions while also having a few difficult questions to challenge the more experienced students. We also include questions featuring mathematicians from minority backgrounds to make mathematics more inclusive.

For 2023, we aim to have more UWCs around the world take part in the Qualifier.


  • 1 hour (shortened to make it more convenient for schools)

  • All MCQs (easier to understand than 4 digit answers)

  • 20 Olympiad and 5 SDG questions (reach the UN Sustainable Development Goal with mathematics)

  • 8 points for correct, 2 for blank, and 0 for incorrect for all questions


The Finals is a live, gameshow like round that is planned to take place at Stamford American International School on 27th of February, 2023.

We are happy to announce that the Finals Round will go from an event that only took place in UWCSEA Dover to an event that different schools will take part in. Teams from different schools will compete against each other.

In 2024 and beyond, we may create more local Finals event in different parts of the world or have an international, virtual Finals event.

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