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UWCMT 2022

UWCMT 2022 was another huge success! With over 80 middle, and high school students participating, it was a hectic, yet exciting day for all. 

This year, we had 2 rounds: the Qualifier round and the Finals, which was a new edition this year. The Qualifier round consisted of the SGD, and the Olympiad. As for the qualifier, we went from having roughly 80 students from UWCSEA Dover in 2021 to 550 students from eight schools (UWCSEA Dover, UWCSEA East, TTS, OFS, Istanbul International School, AIS, AISM, DCIS) in three countries (Singapore, Malaysia, and Turkey). 


The UWCMT Finals event ran for the first time earlier this year on 24 March. 80 students from Grades 9 to 12 with different mathematical skills signed up to watch the Finals. Two teams consisting of the top students in the Intermediate (Grade 9-10) and Senior (Grade 11–12) UWCMT Qualifier went face to face trying to solve the questions as quickly as possible.

What was so amazing about this year's UWCMT was that it was not only limited to UWC Dover, but we were able to expand internationally, and within Singapore, encouraging more mathematicians to challenge themselves and enjoy the beauty of maths. 

We hope everyone enjoyed it, and look forward to seeing you again in 2023! 

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