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Qualifier and Final Rounds |  Improved and Innovative Rounds

Tournament Info


  • Online

  • Students around the world could participate!

  • Four levels: Grade 5-6, Grade 7-8, Grade 9-10 and Grade 11-12

  • Top 6 student from each registered school (Singapore for 2022) in Grade 9-10 level participate in finals!

  • Contains two parts - Olympiad and Sustainable Development Goal

  • The two parts are done together in 1 hour 15 min



Sample Questions

  • Your standard math competition round, but contains questions with mathematicians from diverse backgrounds and other cool and Innovative questions. Check out some samples here! 

  • 15 MCQ questions

  • 6 marks for correct answer, 1.5 marks for blank and 0 marks for incorrect

2021 Tournament

UWCMT 2021 Rounds

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

  • About help reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Some questions could be about real world projects!

  • Two parts, each worth 30 marks

  • Questions give 1-7 marks based on the difficulty

  • Expect 6-12 questions per section

  • Integer answers


Finals Dover VS East

  • An exciting, in person round for top students

  • Held at Dover campus for the 2022 tournament

  • Between Dover and East for 2022

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