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Date: March 1st - March 11th (schools could choose any day out of these dates)

Location: Students around the world, online (proctored venue for registered schools if possible)

More info on the level please

Students are allowed to participate in the level for the grade which they are in or higher levels. For example, a grade 8 student could participate in the G9-10 level. It is important to note that only G9-10 has the Finals for 2022.

How challenging is it?

Our tournament is meant to be suitable to many students. We encourage many students to try this tournament out. The majority of the questions in both the 

🌐lympi(@^^)/~~~:D and the SDG round are meant to be able to be solved by most students. There are, however, some questions (like 2 per each section) which are challenging in order to keep the more experienced students engaged.

15 Questions in total:

Around 10 should be something which most students could do with moderate to no difficulty.

Around 3 would be a challenge for regular students, but possible with effort.

Around 2 should be challenging questions for the more experienced students

Maximum points for this round is 90. Each of the questions are multiple choice with 5 choices. 6 points for correct, 1.5 points for blank and 0 points for incorrect. The expected result for randomly guessing with no elimination is less than blank so guess at your own risk!

This round will reference mathematicians around the world and from a diverse backgrounds and cultures to make everyone feel more welcome towards mathematics.


Fun fact: The Olympiad Round in our first tournament in 2021 used to have 25 questions.

Olympiad Info

SDG for short. It focuses on UN's SDGs. Some of the questions could be on real world projects which focuses on the SDGs.

Maximum points for this round is 60. It contains two parts worth 30 marks each. Each section focuses on one of the SDG. Each question could give 1 to 7 points based on difficulty. The questions are integer answers and the student gets the designated number of marks for correct or 0 marks for blank or incorrect.

This round is done in the Qualifier with the Olympiad.

Sustainable Development Goal

Nearly all of the 1 to 4 mark questions should be something which the average student should be able to do. 5 mark questions are also something many students could do, but requires effort. 6 and 7 mark questions are for the best students, but there is only one of these types of questions per section.

Fun fact 1: This round is in some ways an improvement of the Theme Round in the first UWCMT which took place in 2021.

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