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Justin Park '23 - Founder

I care about innovation which will make the world a better place. This is exactly what I want to do with UWCMT.


Mathematics is something that I have been interested in for a long time and I have taken part in math competitions since 3rd grade. There have been some math competitions in my journey which are innovative and differ from the rest, but most of them have similar format. Additionally, as a mathlete, I find some questions in math competitions to be beautiful and interesting, but many other students would just find them daunting. UWCSEA Dover has attempted to make mathematics fun for everyone such as a mathematics house event for all middle school students and the Math Ambassadors grade 9 math competition which are both unique and suitable for most students. However, I want to create a tournament for students around the world and continue to innovate even more.

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Yanjia (Frank) Zhang '24 - Director of Problem Writing

A mathlete for almost 5 years, I have participated in mathematics challenges of all forms, traditional and innovative. Not only have I practised my problem-solving skills, but I'm also starting to realise the beauty of math - something that lies behind the calculations, within the graphs and between the equations; something that resides in the physical world, everywhere around us. I would like to share this fascinating discovery with everyone through interesting mathematics problems.

He put a lot of effort into making sure that the questions were written and helped out with the formatting of the paper. He wrote several interesting questions himself and helped converted some questions into LaTeX form. He has also helped out in some non problem writing aspects of the tournament such as printing the question papers.


Soomin You '24 - Director of Communications 

Soomin is in charge of the Logistics and communications aspect of the competition. She is the key go-to person with any questions and information about UWCMT. 

Soomin herself is interested in taking part in math competitions and has taken part in a variety of tournaments. 


Aadi Shah '23 - Director of Communications

Was in charge of the communication aspects of the tournament. He contacted some schools on taking part in this tournament. Though due to Covid and the fact that it was the first time this tournament took place, no other schools took part, however he is looking forward to get other schools to participate for the 2022 tournament. He is also interested in many other aspects of this tournament such as the website.


Xiaowen Huang '22 - Director of Marketing

Was in charge of the marketing aspects of the tournament. She lead the marketing team in creating an advertisement video for taking part in the tournament. She made a strong plan early on to make sure that everything was finished on time.

Kushan Mahesh '23 - Director of Marketing

Overall Star Organiser

Lucy Wu '22: In a short summary, she helped out in many ways as if she was a leader. She impressively helped out in the video, designing the logo and hoodies, taking photos, social media and even helped proctor and set up the tournament on the tournament day. Overall, she greatly improved the quality of this tournament.

2021 Problem Writing Team

Star Organisers:

Che I Su (Johnny) '22: Johnny has written more than 10 questions in total which covered a variety of topics and difficulty from mid level difficulties to the more challenging questions. He also put the effort to writing the solutions to his questions along with making digital versions of the geometry diagrams used in his questions.

David Lu '22: David wrote around 10 problems. He made some problems he made have an interesting story to them making the tournament more interesting.

Aleksandar Boljević '22: Aleksandar was very involved in reviewing the questions and put a lot of effort into finding ways to improve the questions and helped improve the overall quality of questions in the tournament.

Vishesh Poddar '24

2021 Marketing Team

Star Organiser:

Sofia Dragu '23: Sofia put the extra effort in not only appearing in the advertising video like most of the marketing team members, but also put the video together and edited well which helped let the students know about this tournament.

Huaiyao L '24

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