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Schools could take part in the Qualifier anytime during the period from March 1st to March 11th for the 2022 tournament.

Schools that are interested in taking part could contact us

School Registration

Schools could contact us now if interested in taking part in this tournament. 

Any staff who is interested in having their school participate in this tournament for their school could contact.


  • Take part in a math tournament like no other!

  • Get the student's results.

  • Have the ability to host UWCMT Finals in future years (non UWC schools also could host!)

  • Give students leadership roles


  • Book any venue where the students could take part in this tournament. It could be an exam hall, classrooms, etc. In the case that all venues are booked, contact us about the possibility of doing the tournament remotely.

  • Show some videos provided by UWCMT during assemblies, math classes, advisor/mentor classes or any other appropriate times.

  • Get students to sign up for this tournament (Google Form or any other form could be used)

  • Have someone to proctor the Qualifiers.

Contact: Section Title
Contact: Contact
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