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United World College Math Tournament

Welcome to UWCMT

Welcome to UWCMT!

The United World College Math Tournament (UWCMT) aims to revolutionise math competitions and tournaments. What do we mean by this? Consider our innovative rounds. For example, the Sustainable Development Goal Round where every student could appreciate how mathematics is used to solve global problems. We want to provide students with the most innovative math tournament experience. You could check out the rest of the rounds here.


Our tournament is inclusive in two ways. First of all, our tournament’s Qualifier rounds are architected in a way such that both math competition newcomers and veterans could enjoy. Many of our Qualifier problems are not complicated and could be solved by many students, but there are a few challenging problems for experienced students to enjoy. The other important way our tournament is inclusive is by including mathematicians from different cultures and backgrounds. Mathematics is universal and is explored by people from a variety of cultures. Despite this, most mathematics is centered around western mathematics. We aim to make mathematics more welcoming to different people by including mathematicians from different backgrounds and from minority groups. Our sample problems should illustrate these points.

Our Mission:

“To inspire students for change by creating a lively, purposeful and inclusive maths tournament with focus on resolving global issues.”

Our Vision is that:

"Students from different backgrounds and mathematical skills are able to appreciate the beauty, applicability and diversity of mathematics."

UWCMT 2022 Video

Participate to Make the World a Better Place!

Inspire students to use mathematics or other STEM subjects which utilises mathematics to make the world a better place! We go further than to just inspire those already interested in mathematics by making the tournament suitable to more students.


How to Take Part

Hopefully you’re excited to part in this tournament! This tournament will be on a web platform so students around the world are able to take part in this tournament! More information on the registration of the online tournament will be out soon. The 2022 Qualifier Round will take place mid-late February. Schools could contact us via email if interested in participating. For 2022, only students in Schools in Singapore which registered could move onto the Finals, but we’re looking forward to hosting the Finals in more locations in the future!

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